The African Charities

TEST for Africa is a UK registered charity, registered under number 1124600, which aims to fund the further education of African students. It has subsidiaries in Ghana, Malawi and Uganda.The objective of the Trust is the provision of fully funded or partially funded named scholarships to both new and continuing bright, but financially needy students for undergraduate study at public Universities and Polytechnics in African countries which the Trustees deem to be sufficiently under-developed, yet properly organised and governed. Awards must be channelled through local African Charitable Trusts which must undertake to operate at no cost such that 100% of all donations are made to the students, who in turn must accept bonding to continue to reside in their country of origin following their education and to contribute to the social and economic development of the country. Such local Charitable Trusts will be responsible for selection of recipients in accordance with standards established by the Trustees of TEST for Africa. Moreover, they must agree to be totally transparent and provide Annual Reports plus proper accounting records to standards and time frames established by the Trustees of TEST for Africa and the Commission.

Jed Phoenix

Jed designs some magnificent clothing. I did a photoshoot with her, which was good fun!


A guilty pleasure... Great if you need to waste some time.

The Audio Drama Directory

Podcasts & Audiobooks par excellence- some absolutely wonderful fare, absolutely free. The directory has links to all the best free audiobooks and podcasts on the interwebs.