Welcome to my website. I am Karl Lloyd, aka KIN242.

This site is a repository of various photos, links, bits of code... you name it. My corner of the web.

I have lived in Belgium, Germany, the Channel Islands and am currently based in the UK. My employment history is mainly finance/database work related. I create websites for friends and family as a hobby. You will find some examples of these on the websites page.

On the photos page there are a selection of photos from my travels over the past few years. I have just spent six months on sabbatical travelling to Peru, Ecuador, Japan, the Galapagos Islands, Miami, and various places in Europe and the UK.

On the links page you will find a few sites I tend to visit a lot, for various reasons. I do love audio plays and podcasts, so expect many links to cool stuff!.

On the web page you will find links to most of the social media networks I frequent, as well as whatever forums and sites I am currently active on.

The other page contains everything which doesnt fit anywhere else. Currently it has the opml for all the podcasts I subscribe to...

This site is best viewed in Google Chrome, but should work on other browsers. Please send me an email with a screenshot if you have any issues.


August 2011

KIN242.NET has been rebuilt.

I am in the process of rewriting all the TEST for Africa and other TEST websites. These should hopefully be launched very soon. For a sneak preview go here.


Dive, by Dekad, a very good French synthpop band